Senjyu Kobo Studios is looking for contract workers who can join us in producing art.

recruitment period: consistently
number of recruitment: not specified
work description: production of background artwork for video games/ Pachinko machines/ animations. (Please refer to our 'Actual results' page for past productions)

Senju Kobo studios has been working with production staff all around Japan and overseas.
These aren't simply done by the book type of work, but are tasks that staff members can put their originality into.
We are looking for staff that have a talent for drawing, or who can form a variety of ideas from a story or project concepts.
Senju Kobo Studios is creating a work style that sets aside distance and time differences, working and connecting over the internet. Staff members living far away from each other are working together as a team with the use of Skype. If you, for example, have a child and can't commute to an office, or would like to take part in a major project without moving to the city, please send us your resume so we can discuss your possibilities.

  • If you are experienced in background art, we can provide you with work that is up to par with your abilities, while polishing your skills (Our staff regularly communicate with each other and share their knowledge).
  • We will train you in the use of software used for work, including Skype, Photoshop, and ChatWork.
  • We welcome artists outside the field of background art work (comics/manga, animation, video game producers etc)to contact us.